About This Shop

Hi! My name is Xiomara, welcome to my shop :)

In the midst of the pandemic I experienced a growth spurt in my small reselling-based depop shop. I had just moved back to my family's home in San Francisco after my university was closed, and I found myself consumed with a vision of what this shop could be. It didn't feel like much of a decision to pursue this vision, it just happened so organically. I officially created Travesuras in August, and since then have been met with so many amazing people who love the same things I do and who continue to push me to keep building. With this community providing my motivation, Travesuras has finally begun to take form and has become something that I'm really proud of.

Travesuras was created with the intention of giving new life to items and concepts through customization, upcycling, and reimagining. My shop is entirely run and owned by myself, allowing for everything to be sewn, painted, sculpted, printed, and packaged with the care only a small business can provide.

My shop also makes a conscious effort to regularly contribute to social justice centered organizations through fundraising. Both fashion and business have a strong history of injustice and discrimination, and my shop commits itself to doing the work required in order to be actively anti-racist and an accomplice in the fight for equity. While my business is still in its infancy, I really believe that this kind of contribution needs to start from the very beginning in order to keep it weaved throughout its foundation and part of its growth. 

If you have any petitions or information that would benefit from being shared please message @shoptravesuras on instagram to help uplift those voices.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work, and please consider sharing it with your friends!